M. H. Mayfield has the honor of being our first published author. Her book, The Rains of War, debuted in August of 2011.

The Rains of War

In the year 573 of the New World, technology is dead, and governments have collapsed, returning to feudal kingdoms. Global warming has caused severe changes in the weather, as well as in transportation and farming. Warfare is now fought hand-to-hand, and the majority of the world’s populations live hand-to-mouth.

In what was once England and Scotland, war is brewing. In an effort to discover her sister’s fate, Kyrie is joined by a group of companions, all headed for a future from which they cannot escape.

The Rains of War is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpaceTower BooksBooktopia, and other online booksellers, in paperback and as an e-book in Kindle format via Amazon.com.

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Our second author is Tommy Fergerson, author of “What the Freak Did I Hit?”, the story of how he lost his arm after a near-fatal skydiving accident, and how he copes with life head-on with humor and courage.

Cover: What the Freak Did I Hit?

And yes, he continues to skydive every chance he gets! Buy his book at one of these online merchants: Amazon.com (paperback), Amazon.com (Kindle), CreateSpace, or SmashWords. The book is available in both paperback and as an e-book in Kindle, Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, plain text and online (through a web browser) formats.

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See the video of his accident on YouTube, along with other skydiving videos.



Joining the ranks of our non-fiction authors is Lisa Mayfield, with her first published work, “60 Ways to Boost Your Creativity: A Guide For Visual Artists Working in Two Dimensions”.

Cover art: 60 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Cover art: 60 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Lisa has been creating in one form or another since she could hold a crayon, often to her mother’s chagrin. Creativity has been an obsession for her throughout her life as she has worked in various media, from drawing and sculpting, to fiber arts and costume design, to writing and web design. She is a slave to her Muse and prefers whichever medium her Muse tells her to use. She is often neglected by her Muse for days or weeks at a time. It’s usually about that time that Ms. Muse comes back around and bonks her on the head with more ideas than she can possibly explore in a lifetime.

Lisa has a day job, a husband, 4 children (2 still at home), 3 dogs, and a house that constantly complains about being neglected. She doesn’t like to cook or clean, but enjoys eating and making messes. When she isn’t being creative, she’s probably dreaming about being creative. She always has at least a dozen projects in various stages of progress, from early planning to almost completed. This guide is her first published work. Her website is SerendipityMuse.com. Why not stop by for a visit?



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