Greetings, friends, and many thanks for your patience. It may seem that we have been absent a while, but we have been busy with life. I’m sure you understand…

About three years ago (has it really been that long???) we published the second edition of The Rains of War, by our very own M. H. Mayfield. The new edition included new cover art and an updated interior design. You can purchase a copy in paperback or Kindle exclusively from Here is a direct link to the page for both versions:

Today we released a new trailer video for that book.

We used many of the original photos, but included new music and art, as well as additional credits and titles. We felt the black and white version created a better introduction to the dark and perilous time of the New World, a world without technology and our “modern conveniences”. And the new music also worksĀ better with the war theme.

We hope you like the new trailer. If so, please like and share to your favorite social media network. Here’s a direct link for you to share:

Happy Independence Day to all of our American friends! Thank you for visiting!